Where I Write

Where I Write

For my first official post, I’m diving in on Day 4 of The Front Row Blogs. Our topic this week is “Where I Write,” and  we are showcasing the places where we attempt to write down words and things. This is an ongoing series, and I have links to the other participants (my good ol’ pals from my awesome MFA program) down below. But don’t skip down there. You have to actually read my posts. Thems the rules.

desk So for starters, here we have my official desk. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Wow, Jessica, that’s such an excellent desk, it’s so spacious and it has all your little talismans and knick knacks. You must get SO MUCH WRITING done there.


This desk is largely used for gaming, looking up recipes on Pinterest, and Facebooking. This desk is a distraction machine. As both a gamer and a writer, it’s hard to separate the two, because they both require the same equipment- namely, a computer. And this is a great computer. My boyfriend built it from scratch for my birthday a couple years back, and I love it! I have a dual monitor setup so that I can play full screen on one monitor and have up other things like Teamspeak or the Wiki guides at the same time.

And do you see my chair? That is a chair that you can sit in for long periods of time. Don’t skimp out on your office chairs, people. Your body will thank you later, by not shriveling and breaking. And you see that blanket? That’s my blanket. NOT A TOWEL, SARAH.

So, this is a desk for recreational purposes.

Now, that doesn’t mean I never get writing done here. I do. But I have to turn the internet off, and I have to be really, really good. The desk is also great for research, because I can have twenty million tabs and windows open and still keep track of them all. I can have photos and inspiration up on one screen and my writing on the other. So the writing does happen here, sometimes, when I am very focused and deliberate about the whole task.


So this is where the magic actually happens. At my kitchen table, very close to all the food, looking out my back door with a view of the park right outside. Today it was raining, and that made it extra nice (rain days best days). You’ll see that this is a much more minimalist setup. Notebook, ultrabook, pen, coffee. For a long time I didn’t even have a proper Word application on this thing, so all my writing was done in like text files and Google Docs. But now I finally have some working Word on there, and it is good. You’ll notice that in this scenario I have minimized the distraction quotient significantly. This is where I wrote the majority of my packets for grad school, and it’s where I get my writing done now. And there are snacks.

And sometimes, I don’t even use a computer. I am a huge fan of just pulling out a notebook and a really smooth pen and just writing my way through a few scenes right there. Paper feels much less permanent to me, so I can calm down my inner poo-flinger who tells me that everything is crap. (Doesn’t everyone have that inner poo-flinger person? I hate that thing).

So there you have it. That’s where I write. You can keep tuning in to see more from me and my fellow Front Row friends. Here are the links to everyone’s posts this week:

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13 thoughts on “Where I Write

    1. It’s different for everyone, but I like pens, a lot. Like, more than a normal person should like pens. And computers are great, because then you don’t have to type up everything you wrote in your notebook.

  1. Alright, just wanted to say I love the fact you have a blog! I’m going to stalk all your posts and you are always funny (in a good way of course) ❤️.

  2. Jessicaaaaaaaa! I’m excited to follow you here and creep on your writing life err… I mean… keep up with your publication journey?

    I need to work on getting a sweet dual monitor set-up at home too, but first I need a desk.

    1. Desks are a very important part of desk work, it’s true. But be warned: once you go to two monitors, you can never go back!

  3. My writing step up is 100% like yours. My gaming computer and living room are the largest distraction so when I really need to get down to it (you know, when deadlines are looming) I clear the kitchen table with a glass of water or two and set my laptop up.

    1. Isn’t it hard? I have to very much not be in the same room as my Guild Wars stuff or I will just automatically open the game.

  4. I have a desk but I also prefer to write at the kitchen table. It’s something about all the open space.

    Great blog. I look forward to reading your words of wisdom.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, there’s something nice about the kitchen table. It just seems like a place to get stuff done, right?

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