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Animal Crossing was fun on DS, and it’s just as fun in the 3DS version. I have a great time running my little town and trying to convince Bam and Rosie and Coco not to leave me. This is an excellent game for players of all ages, and the real-time clock (except for those of you who time travel) adds an interesting everyday habit to the gameplay. Great for people who love decorating their home spaces.



The Harvest Moon series has been a favorite of mine since the Gameboy Advance days. This latest installment of this farm-simulating RPG is of the same increasing quality as all the rest-it never gets old. Want to understand the inspiration behind Stardew Valley or even those frustrating Farmville games? It even has llamas and alpacas!




Guild Wars 2 is my go-to game and has been for the last three years. I’m a guild leader and I love hanging out with the people that I’ve come to call my friends. You can see my character Soli on the front page of the website-she’s an awesome elementalist (Ele master class). Guild Wars 2 has a different feel to it than many MMOs, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Get your hands on the Heart of Thorns expansion!

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